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About Us

Identifying problems and striving to create world class solutions using industry leading technology. We write web applications that solve real world problems, enhance the user experience of an existing solution, or provide better alternatives to existing solutions.

User Experience

We go the extra mile to ensure our applications provide the best user experience possible on all devices.

Bulletproof Implementation

We use the best technology available to ensure our solutions will last for years to come.

The Definitive Solution

Our goal is to implement a best-in-class solution that beats the competition's by a mile.

Best Practices

Our team works continiously to ensure our implementations follow the best practices for each given domain.

Sleep or Shovel

Our first Android application, Sleep or Shovel, is a free application that informs you whether or not you should plan on having to shovel tomorrow morning or if you can sleep in, based on how many inches of snow your area is estimated to get during the day.

Sleep or Shovel was designed to be as minimalisitc as possible while still providing pivotal data to the user. Designed to be mobile first, Sleep or Shovel looks great on all platforms ensuring an amazing user experience regardless of the situation.

Available on over 6,200 different types of Android devices in the Google Play Store.

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Our applications are developed using a variety of software techologies. We have hand picked the following technologies to ensure we produce clean code, extensible code while also producing rapid results to accelerate the feedback process. Doing so allows us to adapt to change while also delivering a project on schedule.


Our web applications take advantage of native features of HTML5 to provide consistent cross browser experiences without having to deal with browser quirks with difficult to maintain and inconsistent workarounds.


JavaScript allows us to provide client side interaction including animations, single page applications, responsive design, and dynamic content.


Bootstrap allows us to write mobile first web applications that work on all platforms regardless of screen size right from the start.


Our server-side implementations are written in C#, a powerful, easy to maintain, and well established language that allows us to develop and deploy web applications with ease.

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